Arts and Humanities Literature Facts

Arts and Humanities Literature Facts

Literature for Understanding Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities Literature Facts

Arts and Humanities Literature if you are studying at school, especially arts and humanities subject, or if you are interested in it, there are several books that you can read. Those books can be your basic foundation to understand about arts and humanities.

Of course, knowledge is quite vast and you can learn a lot from many other books. It is wise to explore more so you will have a better understanding about arts and humanities.

Pictures of Nothing: Abstract Art since Pollock, by Kirk A. Powell, Earl A. Powell, and Adam Gopnik (Preface)

In this book, you will get to know about the use of art for individuals and society. There are some arguments about the history and value of abstract arts and its place in modern arts. By reading this book, you will know more about abstract arts and its improvement.

This is a nice book to read for you to learn more about arts. You will be able to learn about art history, arts in Renaissance, etc. The most interesting part about this book is the alphabetic artworks from soma artists. You will be able to have a feast for your eyes as you see some great artworks from various artists.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Nuval Yoah Harari

In this book, you will learn the history of humankind in timeline. Focusing on Homo sapiens, the author divides the history of humankind in four parts. They are the Cognitive Revolution, the Agricultural Revolution, the unification of humankind, and the Scientific Revolution. By reading this book, you will get a better understanding on how people evolve.

There are more books to read if you are interested in arts and humanities. Keep exploring more and you will be able to expand your knowledge on this subject and get a better understanding of it.

The Times Complete History of the World, by Richard Overy

By reading this book, you will get a complete reference of history of human from cave men until the Cold War. You will also get all the information about the exploration through voyages until global warming. All of it is explained in this book.

This book is quite popular as it has been translated into 18 different languages. You will not get bored reading this book because it is colorful and there are over than 600 maps to see. The maps are also colorful, letting you know the exact place in the map.

The origin of mankind is explained in a narrative way, making it interesting and exciting to read. It will be a nice book to keep when you want to dig more about arts and humanities.

A World History of Arts, by Huge Honour and John Fleming

This book is a great introduction of classic arts. Arts already exist from the past till present and it has been a great improvement in many parts.  You will get a nice look about the history of arts in colorful maps, images, and agricultural plans. This book is worth to read to get to know more about arts.

There are still many more books to read about arts and humanities. Keep on exploring to know more about this subject. It will expand your knowledge about it.